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Week One: BBQ Shrimp and Grits

A few years back I started making food challenges for myself at the beginning of each year.  Two years ago I made the resolve to start eating locally. Last year I decided to record what I ate for dinner every night of the year. As lame and crazy as it sounds, I kept it up all year long and it eventually I started recording important events from each day along with my meals. 365 days later and I now have a fun journal of the past year. I can look back to almost any day and remember what was going on.  2012 was one heck of a year, I graduated from graduate school, Bill was gone for five months while he hiked the Appalachian Trail , I got my first salaried job (with health insurance!), I saw Radiohead in concert, made it through a hurricane, and ate many great meals with friends and family.


For my first dish of the year, the one that inspired the whole challenge, I made BBQ Shrimp with Corn Grits. BBQ Shrimp is one of those New Orleans dishes that I love but have never made at home because of the insane fat content. I think most traditional recipes call for a whole pound of butter per four servings.

Saturday morning I ran to the CBD Crescent City Farmers market with the intention of buying some goat meat and then running home. Along with the goat, I ended up buying 3 lbs of jumbo head on shrimp and my bag became too heavy to run home with… the shrimps were totally worth the lost exercise. I used a little over a pound to make this dish which made about three healthy portions.

To start I sautéed half of a small yellow onion, 3 cloves of garlic, in olive oil